Workshops Available

These are descriptions of some workshops that I have already developed and presented.
I'm also thrilled to design a workshop specifically to match the needs of your event,
appropriate for the occasion and targeted specifically to your group.

We also do a variety of school programs in conjunction with 3rd Wheel dot Org

Aissawa Sufi Trance Rhythms


This workshop will present deeply orchestrated trance rhythms from Morocco. The Aissawa are a mystical order of Sufis who perform music and dance to accommodate trance and spiritual healing. Greywolf has been studying and performing with Quentin Shaw, founder of Chicago Aissawa, and is excited to present these very different rhythms! Traditional instruments for these rhythms include Bendir, Tareyja, Tabl, and Tasa; some of these will be available for use in the workshop but also feel free to bring your drums.



Singing and playing music, especially in a group setting, has been found to activate more simultaneous regions of our brains than any other human activity, and the psychoneuroimmunological effects of such community recreational music-making are both well-documented and profound. Coupling voice with drums, you have immediate and effective access to these benefits. In this class, we will be sharing chants in numerous languages and from a diversity of traditions to experience the benefits of vocal sound. We will pair this with simple core affirming rhythms on a variety of instruments to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit.

Drumming for Manifestation, Drumming for Release


Is a bimonthly (actually Bi-Moonly), intentional facilitated community drumming circle. On the Mondays (Moon-Days) during Waxing and Waning moons, these circles will create a community musical ritual to (Waxing Moon) manifest that which individuals desire and (waning Moon) release what needs to be released. Group Empowerment Drumming and shamanic drumming techniques will be utilized to create a transformational environment. Bring your drums, rattles, etc. and whatever you need to remain comfortable for this 90-minute session. Participants might also want a journal to record their experiences.

FRAME ON! frame Drum Class (and Ensemble)


FRAME ON! is a bi-monthly class which will present traditional technique but original rhythms for Frame Drums (Tar, Def or Dof, Doira, Bendir). This class is going to do double duty as the explicit goal of the class is to create the Frame On! Drum Ensemble which will be performing not long after the inception of classes. Additional instrumentation will include Qarkabeb (Moroccan hand clappers), and voice (chants will be a part of ensemble performance).

GONG FLOW Vibrational Energy Cleansing


From time immemorial certain instruments (Rattles, singing bowls, gongs) have been utilized in shamanic and ritual practice to cleanse the body and soul. The Gong Flow is a one-hour session in which participants experience the deep transformational opportunity provided by prolonged exposure to these therapeutic vibrations. Supplemented by singing bowls and sacred rattles, the core of the sound emanates from a 40” Chau Gong! Please bring a yoga or pilates mat and anything else you will require to be receptive and comfortable for the duration. Participants might also want a journal to record their experiences.

“One who plays the gong plays the universe. The gong is not an ordinary thing to play. Out of it came all music, all sounds, and all words. The sound of the gong is the nucleus of the Word.” —Yogi Bhajan

“The most sublime instrument of the Yogi is the Gong. It is a musical instrument, a healing tool for the nervous system and a cauldron in which you can create alchemical blends of qualities that open and develop the Inner Self. . . . [Yogi Bhajan] said it would help repair the ravages of drugs in the nervous system. The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation, releases you from the torrent of thoughts and stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.”

Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming Sessions


With solid, peer-reviewed and replicated research that has established a panoply of wellness benefits ranging from increased killer T cell activity and improvement in cancer-resistant immunological responses through studies actually showing that experience of sessions of the Health Rhythms protocol actually can create change in our hereditary stress-related disease expression at the genomic level (!), Health Rhythms facilitated sessions offer a profound opportunity to improve your general wellness. These recreational music-making sessions present a protocol fine-tuned by research that—n addition to the effects already mentioned—re community-building and FUN!



This class will focus on technique for Dumbec (Tabla), Riqq, Zills, Tar and Tabla Baladi/Tupan (bass drum) and on traditional bellydance rhythms. The first hour of each class will cover technique and one or more traditional rhythms; the last half hour will focus on less common rhythms in odd time signatures (Turkish and Blkan rhythms and others). Students receive handouts in JAMMIN! box notation style as a mnemonic to assist students in remembering the rhythms for practice.

Jammin! Healing Rhythms


This class will present traditional and JAMMIN! School rhythms specifically chosen for Healing and Ritual intention. In the first half of each 90-minute class, proper technique for djembe, djun-djun and other available instrumentation will be covered, polyrhythmic compositions will be taught and orchestrated in the class, and students will receive handouts in JAMMIN! box notation style as a mnemonic to assist them in remembering the rhythms for practice. In the second half of class we will focus on techniques of drumming for healing and fostering community, including brainwave entrainment drumming and group empowerment techniques.

Jammin! SAMBA Rhythms


Samba is a quick, dense and complex set of extraordinarily danceable Afro-Brazilian polyrhythms. This workshop will present both traditional and simplified fusion parts adapted for drum circle instrumentation and will aim to structure as many simultaneously orchestrated parts as possible within the allotted time! Greywolf will have some traditional Samba instruments available for the workshop as well. Students receive handouts in JAMMIN! box notation style as a mnemonic to assist students in remembering the rhythms for practice.

Moroccan Sha'abi: Polyrhythmic Middle-Eastern Fusion


Sha'abi is a fusion of Middle-Eastern style play and rhythms with a North-African polyrhythmic approach to musical construction. If you've ever wished for the opportunity to be able to combine the beautiful voices of the Middle Eastern instruments (Dumbec/Darabukka/Tabla, Bendir, etc.) with the complex orchestration found in African rhythm construction, wish no more! Transcending the “pyramidical” layering more common to Middle Eastern rhythms, Sha'abi offers an endless world of intensely polyrhythmic expression.

The Science of the Healing Drum


This lecture-based yet experiential workshop presents a Research-Based summary of the scientifically established healing and wellness efects of drumming. An introduction is provided into the insight cognitive neuroscientience has made into the effects of music on the human brain; from that departure point we examine both drumming music as medicine and drumming as therapy. The research supporting Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention Therapy and Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming will be discussed; further, they will be placed not only in scientific context but also compared/contrasted to traditional (shamanic) drum healing methodologies.

Spirit Journey Drumming


Experience trance-driving rhythms intended to organize and explore alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states! The role of the drum as an effective trance-driving tool to establish a connection with the Theta brainwave state is well known. We combine this with methodologies based on research establishing guidelines for creating alpha entrainment (Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention [Strong Institute] work and additional sources) and even explore rhythmic approaches to Delta state access. This approach to “shamanic journey” drumming seeks not only to provide access to deep trance states but also to create an auditory environment that will offer the possibility of ecstatic (literally, “beyond stasis”) transformation.

From Lauren Gaines' Blog: “With the medicinal and ecstatic Shaking Medicine program of Bradford Keeney as a core inspiration, this modality provides something similar to a vision quest in which each individual creates the inner sanctuary and freedom to journey through what ‘rises up’ in their experience. While guided visualizations are not given in these sessions, they offer a conscious and alert entrainment to the alpha, theta (trance), and delta (deep sleep) brainwaves.

“The sessions follow a pattern of entrainment to alpha waves, a descent into theta and even delta waves, and re-ascent into alpha, where each participant begins with a particular vision in mind, much like setting an intention or dedication at the beginning of asana practice. Each of us is receiving internal messages all the time, the natural communication from our inner guide—be it our intuition or helpful spirit guides. When our brainwaves are scattered, it is more difficult for us to ‘hear’ our inner voice . . . and these trance-like sessions create a coccoon in which we can meet ourselves, to receive the spiritual information that longs to be brought to consciousness.”

Please bring a yoga or pilates mat and anything else you will require to be receptive and comfortable for the duration.

Trance Dance


TRANCE DANCE with Live Music! An opportunity for spiritual and intentional dance. Thee Flammable Babylon Percussion Ensemble will provide music designed to entrain the brain into trance states, allowing dancers the opportunity to freely explore the motion that they individually need to express.

“If you've heard the name Gabrielle Roth (or even Shiva Rea), then you know the premise of this rhythmic, healing dance. Participants are led along a themed journey—the first one was the 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire) and Spirit; next up was . . . ‘the Quantum serpent’!—guided by a dance facilitator who teaches simple, rhythmic movements that act as physical expressions of the trance-driving rhythms and the brainwaves they manifest. By stepping and swaying into a gentle state of “trance” through these timed movements, we can intentionally begin to assimilate the healing inherent in each of the brainwave states."" —Lauren Gaines,”



Kick the 4-on-the-floor habit! This workshop will cover the basic ideas of polyrhythm and melorhythm as applied to achieving a more deeply textured, cooperative and community oriented yet completely improvisational basis for circle drumming! Using examples from various world traditions and exercises from Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming and other tested methods we will set you up for ecstatic success in your percussive expression.