Congolese Master Drummer Thobos Lubamba provides us a unique opportunity to study traditional central African rhythms, very different from West African styles in both instrumentation and structure!


. . . was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo/Kinshasa. At the age of 15, Master Thobos co-founded BANA-KIN and released a CD for which he did the musical research and on which he played several instruments. In 1984 he worked closely with Percussions ELIMA. Between 1983 and 1987 he founded several groups, including the Ballet d'Institut des Beaux Arts (4-time 1st-place winners of the promo-scholastic competition, and 7-time winners of the festival of fraternities). He was co-founder of TUTA-NGOMA (4 1st-place trophies under his artistic direction). On October 31, 1988, on his 22nd birthday, he created NGOMA I NGOMA (“A drum is a drum”), an experimental ensemble of rhythm and dance, and a school that researched and taught rhythms and dances. He completed an internship in 1992 at the National Ballet of Congo and was then employed for three years as a percussion artist. As a renowned artistic director, Master Tam-Tam and Djembe percussionist, Master Thobos toured and performed throughout Africa, Europe and Asia. Master Thobos left Africa for Orlando in 1997 to fulfill a contract with Disney at Epcot Center with TAM-TAM African group. Two years later, Thobos joined the world beat percussion group DRUMS OF UMOJA which was performing nightly at Universal CityWalk. In 2000 and 2001, he choreographed the opening show for the Jimmy Buffet Tour. In 2005 Thobos was an integral part of the Shredd! Ensemble's theatre show, The Extraordinary Fila, which won multiple awards in the 2005 Orlando International Fringe Festival. Master Thobos, who continues to perform worldwide, now lives in Orlando and teaches dance and drum classes and leads workshops around the United States for adults and children.

Some traditional instruments will be available for class use.

Class fee: $15.00 per class.